How To Uninstall Virtual Mix Rack (MAC)

Uninstalling Virtual Mix Rack (Mac)

Please use the uninstall command found in Applications/Slate Digital/Virtual Mix Rack. You will be asked to enter your system password. Text will not display when doing so.

To preserve user data, our un-installers will not remove some files from your computer. Occasionally, these files can cause problems when updating to a newer version of the plugin. We'll need to manually remove them to see if they are causing the problems you are experiencing.

Go to /Library/Application Support/Slate Digital.

NOTE: If you have created user presets, make a backup of them and delete the associated VMR folders.

Lastly, navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Slate Digital and delete the settings file(s) in the Virtual Mix Rack folder.

NOTE: This location is hidden by default. You will need to hold down the "Option" key on your keyboard within the Finder "Go" menu in order to access the User Library. 

If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket here

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