How To Rescan Slate Digital Plugins In Logic Pro X

When a plugin fails validation in Logic Pro X, please open the "Plugin Manager" from within the Preferences menu and navigate to the associated plugin manufacturer (Slate Digital, Eiosis, D16 Group, LiquidSonics, etc...) in the "Manufactures" section

NOTE: Please ensure your licenses are activated within the iLok License Manager app. 

Next, select the plugins that fail validation by holding the Command key (⌘) and clicking. Once the plugins are selected, click "Reset & Rescan Selection" and wait for the validation to complete. This could take several minutes. 

Once validation is completed, open a plugin to verify it is working properly on your system.

Additional Troubleshooting 

If a plugin continues to fail validation, please ensure the iLok License Manager app is up-to-date on your system, and try "synchronizing" your iLok dongle. Your iLok dongle can be "synchronized" by right clicking on the iLok icon of the left of the manager, and clicking "synchronize". Note, you must be signed into the manager in order to do this. After the operation has completed, try rescanning the plugins within Logic Pro X once more.

iLok Dongle Synchronize.png

Apple Silicon users, please see the following article regarding compatibility:

If issues persist, please submit a request.  

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