Out of Memory exception

When instantiating a plugin in your DAW, a certain amount of Memory RAM is allocated for the plugin.

Depending on plugin resources (graphics, libraries, modules, etc.), this amount may vary.

The Virtual Mix Rack plugin has the specificity to load multiple modules, and each of them increases this amount of Memory RAM allocated for the plugin.

Consequently, VMR may allocate until 1GB of Memory RAM (size given for 23 modules installed), plus an additional allocation for each module inserted in the rack. 

This large allocation may cause issues when reaching your memory limit, and it may be rapidly the case for 32-bit OS or DAW as these architectures do not allow a large Memory RAM (3,6 GB max).

With the release of VMR, we introduced an "Out of Memory exception" message which indicates that the memory limit has been reached. Before VMR, a crash would occur at this moment instead. 

In this case, it is definitely recommended to switch to a 64-bit OS or DAW.

Note: A future VMR update will optimize this behavior by deallocating the memory when a module and/or the plugin is completely removed in the session.


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