Gobbler Account Needs To Be Linked

If you did not purchase a Slate Digital subscription through Gobbler, this article does not pertain to you. Please see How To Activate My Plugins

When installing plug-ins or updates through the Gobbler app, if you see the window below pop up:



It is most likely a connectivity issue between Gobbler and PACE, based on the load on either companies' servers.

- Log out of the Gobbler app and back in. Wait up to 3-4 minutes for all connections to complete.  

If the problem persists:

- Unlink and relink your iLok account to your Gobbler account by clicking the "Go To Your Gobbler Profile" button. After completing the relinking, log out and back in the app. Wait up to 3-4 minutes for all connections to complete.

If the problem is not resolved, use your Gobbler Marketplace account to download your plug-ins' installers, while stronger connectivity is re-established. :

Log in to your Gobbler Marketplace account here: Gobbler Marketplace account login

In the "Welcome" page, click the "View" button on the "My Installers" tile. 




The "Installers" page will display a list of links to the most recent version of any installers available to you. They will be listed individually, for MAC and for  WIN (32 and 64bit if both versions are available).


The Gobbler team 

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