What does the level light on the VMS One preamp indicate?

  • What does the LEVEL light indicate on the VMS One pre-amp?
    • This is a "signal present" and clipping indicator.
    • It begins to light green when the output is about -7dBu. At the minimum gain setting, this requires about -22dBu. At maximum gain, this requires about -64dBu.
    • The unit begins to clip at about +19dBu output. At minimum gain, this is about +5dBu. At maximum gain, this is about -38dBu.
    • Green indicates signal level, and red indicates clipping. Orange or yellow is observed simply because red and green are mixing.


  • Will this light give me a clear indication of danger - like I'm going to blow the preamp? If so, what is the indication (red, bright green, etc)?
    • It would take an extreme amount of voltage to damage the preamp, unlikely to be put out by any line-level piece of gear. Certainly a microphone could not make this voltage. But yes, it will let you know that you are pushing the circuitry by lighting red.
    • You may observe yellow or orange as the signal begins to clip.
    • Be sure to check the max input of your interface to determine if the preamp could make enough voltage to permanently damage the input. This is also unlikely.
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