Air & Earth Modules Overview

AirEQ Air
Air is a new type of filter that helps you to restore or to add brightness to the sound, while always remaining natural. It allows to gently add high frequencies, without adding harshness or unpleasant digital artifacts. The smoothness of the Air allows you to bring an instrument to the front of a mix, add a subtle brilliance to a sound or to make a vocal track breathe, simply by increasing Air.

Always natural and smooth, this band has been designed specifically to allow very smooth high frequency boosts, in a region of the audio spectrum where harshness can be quickly obtained.

The HiCut is useful for attenuating frequencies above the cutoff frequency.

Unlike many digital equalizers, the Air module’s HiCut filter is perfectly matched to an analog filter curve. This is very important in order to achieve a natural attenuation in the high frequencies.

AirEQ Earth
Earth brings deep and solid sub-lows. It can be described as an “adjustable transformer.” Inspired by real transformer behavior, it is now accessible with an easy, one-knob adjustment. The result is always a tight and precise bass sound, exempt of muddiness and nonlinearities.

Being all linear in amplitude (i.e. without distortion or harmonics) is very useful to adjust bass in a level-independent manner, without adding anything to the sound but what already exists in the signal. The Earth is very useful to quickly add some consistent sub-lows to tracks like kick drums and bass. However, it can be useful in many other situations, like sound effects, or any situation when you need to make a track deeper or more powerful.

The LowCut is useful for attenuating frequencies below the cutoff frequency.

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