VMR: Library Browser

Interacting With Modules
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The Library Browser shows you which Modules are installed on your system, it gives you some info about them, and it allows you to filter the Modules depending on the type of processing they provide.

The Library Browser is a good place to get quick information about a Module, such as:

  • Module Status: Has a license been found for this Module?
  • Module Category: Dynamics, EQ, Harmonics, etc.
  • Description: you can get a quick description for each Module.

The small info icon below each Module name in the Library indicates the module status. Clicking on this icon will display a small popup that unveils more info.

Using Category Filters 
2023-08-30 12.09.27.gif You can use Category Filters to quickly search the VMR Module Library. Clicking on a filter will enable or disable it. Command / Control Clicking a filter will add it to the current filtering group, allowing you to create more complex filters.
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