Authorizing / Installing the All Access Pass to an OFFLINE System

After you have purchased or redeemed the All Access Pass, you will need to authorize your iLok and download the Slate Digital plugin installers. If you do not have an iLok ID and have purchased the All Access Pass please click here: Finalizing Your iLok User ID post purchase

For offline systems, it is a lot easier than you may imagine. Simply open your iLok License Manager application on your online system and sign in to the iLok account you inputted on the Gobbler website. 

IMPORTANT:  The green icon shown next to the license above means that your subscription will renew each month until the whole period is up.  You can view how long your subscription period is by selecting the license and hitting "Show Details."  Now navigate to the "details" area and you can view your subscription period length.  

Now move the All Access Pass subscription license from your account to your iLok dongle by clicking and dragging.  

Next, you will need to download the installers.   

Please download the installers here: All Access Pass Installers 

Please move the .zip file installers to an external drive.

Now, plug in your external drive and your newly licensed iLok dongle to the USB ports on your offline system.  

Note: You will need to have the iLok License Manager installed on the offline computer. Download here 

Move the installers .zip files to your desktop and extract them individually to get to the installer .exe files.  Run the installer .exe files to install the plugins on your offline system.  Finally, launch your DAW and now you can start using the All Access Pass.

If you have additional questions please submit a support request here: Contact Support

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