FG-X Known Issues

FG-X - Known Issues 

These issues are a result of the wrapping process and are known. Please do not submit bug reports for the following:

[FGX-61] - Windows installer creates a useless folder named "FG-X" in C:\ProgramData\Slate Digital
[FGX-57] - Gain knob graphic glitch
[FGX-52] - Wrong build information in the About Panel
[FGX-51] - Possible GUI disappearance without clear the AU cache

 Note: FGX can work in Mono.

FG-X - Known Issues 

These issues exist in the pre-wrapped, version of FG-X and cannot be fixed:

[FGX-49] - Preset Modifier Status disappears after close and reopen the FGX plugin instance
[FGX-48] - Pop-up Menus don't disappear when moving the FG-X Plugin window (Mac)
[FGX-47] - Cubase becomes unresponsive after few minutes (Mac)
[FGX-46] - Meter Settings are not saved with a Preset
[FGX-45] - Pro Tools Compare Feature doesn't work
[FGX-44] - Modifying a Setting in a Preset doesn't display the Preset Modifier Status (*)
[FGX-43] - "Current preset to default preset" is effective only after relaunch Pro Tools
[FGX-41] - Knob values with the Reset to Default (alt+click) is different from the FG-X Default Preset

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