VCC 2.0 - The Consoles

Every console has been optimized so that it matches the original tone of it's analog counterpart with absolute precision. In most of the consoles, you'll likely not hear a difference. However, the US-A and RC-Tube models were modified to match some new reference units that we obtained, and while the changes are very subtle, we think they are for the better and hope you'll agree!

Brit 4k E

This console models an early 80's British mixing desk that we were told about by many local LA engineers who were fans of the console's uniquely fat tone. This desk has a tight but punchy low end, warm low mid, and punchy and present mids. You can really hit the mix buss hard (do this either by pushing the faders into it OR by using the new input/out link), and it gives you an amazing saturation and makes transients sit in the mix much better.

Brit N Discrete

This classic desk has been a staple of the recording industry for over thirty years. Known for a rich, fat, and warm sound, it can add some classic vibe to your mixes.

Brit 4k

The most popular mixing console in the industry, this desk has a clean, punchy, wide, and slightly aggressive quality that has made it the go-to desk for rock, pop, metal, and hip hop. Push it hard to get some extra grit to the transients.

US A Discrete

One of the most sought after desks in the industry, this American made discrete console is known for a thick and fat tone with lots of vibe and midrange punch.


Another classic British console, this desk is known for being the ultimate rock desk, with a wide soundstage, smooth highs, and fat low end. Push it hard for some extra fatness.


The RC-Tube is based on a 50's, all tube broadcast desk. It has a super thick midrange, smooth high end, and fat and warm bottom end.

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