Steven's Tips On Getting To Know THE BOMBER Effect

The Bomber’s DRIVE Control and how it is set, will determine whether the processor's sound will be more of a transient enhancing effect, or a sustain enhancing effect, or a little of both.

Less DRIVE puts the VU needle peaking at the Bomb icon, this is more transient inducing. More DRIVE puts the VU needle deep into the red, this is more sustain inducing.

So the key is this: Start with the Intensity CRANKED so you can really hear the effect and what it's doing. Then cycle the drive incrementally from left to right, giving it a second to hear the effect at each step. As you go left, more punch. Go right, more depth and sustain. Find the balance that fits the track, then turn the Intensity all the way down. Now unsolo the track, play the mix, and then slowly raise the intensity till you hear a nice but often subtle enhancement of attack, depth, tightness, and excitement.



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