Getting to know the FG-47

This mic will take you back in time. It’s lush, warm, fat, present, and BIG sounding. If you have a wimpy source, it gets unwimpified™ with this mic. It doesn’t have that modern sizzly top-end air, but it takes EQ in the top end like a champion. I love adding some Custom Series 10kHz when using this mic.

By pushing the intensity, it gets even darker, moodier, and a bit more saturated. Don’t just use this microphone on vocals. Put it on drums as a room mic. Put it on the outside of a kick. Put it on horns, strings.

Here’s a cool trick, this mic has such a warm fat bottom, that you can thin it out by moving it farther away from the source without making it sound too distant.

For preamps, this goes really well with both the FG-73 or the FG-76, start with the virtual drive at 9 o’clock.

- Steven Slate

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