Getting to know the FG-800

The first time I sang through the microphone that the FG-800 is based on, I thought it was broken. This is a BRIGHT BRIGHT and AIRY microphone. Did I say bright? Because it’s bright. But then I used it on a female pop vocalist and realized why this is one of the most popular mics in modern music. That airy, clear, bright tone works perfectly in a pop mix with no EQ needed. When this mic works, nothing will sound as good. And it actually works a lot, even on modern male rock vox.

But there are some suggestions I have: First, it pairs really well with the FG-76. The 76 will mellow the top end just a little, and it really sounds great. The second suggestion is that the intensity will darken it a bit and it can sound really amazing on some sources. It’s great on acoustic guitar at about 140% intensity. And last, if you have a singer who is a bit sibilant, you’re gonna need a good de-esser with this mic. It can definitely be overly essy. I recommend the Eiosis E2Deesser which is the best on the market, in my opinion.

- Steven Slate

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