Virtual Microphone System Overview

The Virtual Microphone System is a set of hardware and software components which provide an overall system for modeling microphones and microphone preamplifiers.

The technology is based on the perfect knowledge of the hardware characteristics combined with a precise microphone and microphone preamplifier software modeling.

Hardware Components

The VMS hardware is made of two main components: the VMS-1 Microphone Preamplifier and the ML-1 Microphone. They are both characterized by a flat response and intended to be used with the VMS software components.

Software Components

The VMS software is made of three components:

  • The Virtual Mix Rack plugin (or “VMR”) which hosts the modules
  • The Classic Tubes module which models the Microphone
  • The Virtual Preamp Collection modules which model the Microphone Preamplifiers

Overall System

The overall Virtual Microphone System can be schematized as below:

For more information on the VMS software requirements, please click here.

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