Gobbler Migration - FAQs

How Do I migrate my Gobbler subscription to Slate Digital? 

Go to the landing page here, and follow along with the video. 


I have an account on Gobbler. Can I log into Slate Digital? 

Yes, we imported all Slate Digital and Solid State Logic Gobbler accounts. If you’ve never signed into the Slate Digital platform, simply click “forgot password” to set your password. 


I have an All Access Pass on the Slate Digital platform. Will I get the SSL Complete as well? 

Yes, in 2023, all All Access Pass members will have the option to access both the Slate Digital All Access Pass and SSL Complete subscriptions, bundled together at the same low price, plus VAT.


I already have SSL Complete and Slate Digital All Access Pass on Gobbler. What should I do? 

Both subscriptions are bundled together if you migrate your subscription from Gobbler to the Slate Digital platform for the same low price + VAT. Simply migrate one of the two and cancel the other one. 


I don't know if I'm a Gobbler subscriber. How can I confirm? 

If you're unsure whether you're a Gobbler subscriber, it's possible that you subscribed to the Slate Digital All Access Pass (previously known as the Everything Bundle) through Gobbler between 2016 and 2019. To confirm your subscription status, you can check your Slate Digital account. If your membership doesn't appear there, you may need to migrate your subscription by visiting this page: https://app.slatedigital.com/dashboard 


What if I don’t migrate my subscription from Gobbler to the Slate Digital Platform? 

If you choose not to migrate your subscription from Gobbler to the Slate Digital platform, you will lose access to both the All Access Pass and SSL Complete. Going forward, Slate Digital will be the exclusive provider of these subscriptions. Migrating your subscription is essential to maintain your access, and if you do so, you can continue enjoying both services at the same price you're currently paying, plus VAT. 


I have the Relab LX480 with my Everything Bundle. Will I lose it when migrating to Slate Digital?  

While the Relab LX480 is not included in the All Access Pass, if you are subscribed to the Everything Bundle (through Gobbler), you are eligible to receive an LX480 license free of charge. Make sure to follow the redemption instructions provided to you via email.


I already went through the migration process and I have an upcoming subscription on the Slate Digital platform. What’s going to happen?

Feel free to keep your upcoming subscription date on the Slate Digital platform, as it will convert on the scheduled day. If you’d like to migrate earlier, please contact support and we will assist you. 


I have a question regarding my subscription. How can I contact support? 

You can contact Slate Digital support using this link


How can I activate my licenses? 

Follow this article here to activate your Slate Digital All Access Pass licenses and this one to activate your SSL Complete licenses once you’ve migrated.


I’m migrating from Gobbler, can I switch to a different subscription offer? 

When migrating from Gobbler to Slate Digital, you are given the option to select a plan of your choice. If you’re on an Annual Paid Upfront subscription, a discount will be calculated for you.  





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