I need more details about the power supply and it's connections.

The SLA-PSU which ships with both the VMS kit and Slate Control is a "Universal-Input." It will accept 100-250 AC volts input and has a removable IEC cable. The PSU end is the very common IEC C14 type which most people would just refer to as an "IEC inlet." Cables from this connector to local connectors (North America is NEMA 5-15 for example) are easily found. See this link also for a chart of connectors by country. IEC C14 mates with IEC C13.

  • The PSU ships with a North-American NEMA 5-15 to IEC C13.
  • A person in England, for example, would want a BS-1363 to IEC C13.
  • The most common European connector is CEE 7/7. CEE 7/7 to IEC C13 is the most common European cable.

The three linked Wikipedia pages above should provide all the info for a person to get the right cable, and if adapters are used it is important to use only physical adapters and not voltage transformers, and ensure that the adapter is properly grounded.

The PSU output is the standard API Lunchbox pinout and voltages. It is a 5-Pin XLR connection and the pinout is as follows:

      • Pin 1: Chassis Ground
      • Pin 2: Electrical Ground
      • Pin 3: +15 Volts DC @ 2.5A
      • Pin 4: -15 Volts DC @ 2.5A
      • Pin 5: +48 Volts DC @ 250mA
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