Why does the VMS (and other Slate products) ship only with a North American power cable?

When preparing a product for both domestic and global markets, an incredible amount of safety testing and regulatory compliance must be undertaken. These tests are necessary to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of the product, and to verify that the product will not harm the environment in the short or long term. At Slate we take great pride in certifying our products in all of these areas. In order to reach as many users globally at a price everyone can afford, we have chosen to certify our product only with the included NEMA 5-15 to IEC C13 power cable, as testing with every different cable from the over thirty nations we ship to is highly cost prohibitive.

To help support our customers all around the globe, the power supply has been tested in a range of input voltages from 100 VAC up to 250 VAC and will safely operate in almost every corner of the world. We have a great help desk article to help you select the correct cable for your locale, and our support center is always available if you need more assistance. The switch we include on our power cable does not affect performance in any way, and the unit will function properly if you use a cable with no switch.
We're so proud that demand for the VMS has spread all over the world, and we're grateful to have so many global users in our family. In every way that we can, we are striving to provide the best equipment available at prices everyone can afford, all over the earth. Shipping each product with a tested, certified, verified NEMA 5-15/IEC C13 power cable is our best choice to provide amazing products and incredible service.
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