How does my ADC affect the VMS?

Whichever analog-to-digital converter (ADC) you use, it will imprint its own sonic personality onto your recording - all converters sound a little different from each other, and those small differences are one of the reasons why there is such a large price disparity between competing units. The ADC’s sonic imprint won’t interfere with the operation of the VMS though, because the ML-1 microphone and VMS ONE preamp were designed together as a closed hardware system. Being able to predict precisely how the signal behaves from microphone capsule-to-preamp output is critical for accurate mic and preamp modeling, and it's the main reason why the Virtual Microphone System includes a preamp as well as the microphone itself. The VMS One preamp outputs the standard line-level signal that a professional converter is expecting to see, so any character that an ADC would impart is minimized as much as possible. We suggest that you use the highest grade analog-to-digital converter you can.

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