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Q: Do I need the Slate VMS One preamp in order to make this work well?

A: You'll want a clean linear preamp. The VMS ONE is what was used for the modeling process. The VRS8 has EIGHT VMS ONE preamps.

Q: Will there be a matched pair bundle?

A: All ML-2s are QC'd to be matched. We have very strict procedures and even have a dedicated anechoic chamber just for ML-2s in our factory.

Q: Can I use ML-1 with Classic Instruments (ML-2) emulations?

A: Yes, but it will be slightly different. The Classic Instruments were intended to be used with the ML-2 mic emulations. 

Q: Is Classic Instruments (ML-2 software) included with the All Access Pass?

Classic Instruments and Classic Tubes (ML-1) are not included in the All Access Pass as the physical microphones are required in order to use the software properly. The ML-2 microphone is in place to ensure that the sound source is an optimal starting point with the same referenced used for the algorithms. All algorithms were designed according to the ML-1, ML-2 and VMS One Preamp specs. If the software is broken out from the microphone we can no longer guarantee high quality accurate emulations.

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