How To Register Your Free Year Of The All Access Pass

• Go to
• Click VRS8 All Access Pass

You will be asked to sign in your Slate Digital webshop account. If you do no have one, you'll need to create an account and verify your email. 


• Type in the following:
   - VRS8 All Access Pass Voucher
   - VRS8 Serial

: The VRS8 Serial number can be found on the box and on the physical hardware unit. The Voucher can be found on your VRS8 All Access Pass Postcard (image below)
• After clicking "Redeem", you will be taken to the All Access Pass redemption page

You will be asked to link your iLok ID. 
   - NOTE: If you do not have an iLok User ID you can have the web shop create one for you. 

Activating and Downloading Your All Access Pass Plugins

• Please view the articles below for your preferred activation method: 

How to activate with iLok Cloud (no dongle needed)

How to activate with an iLok Dongle

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