Missed All Access Pass Payment: What Happens Next?

Missed All Access Pass Payment: What Happens Next?

When a payment is missed for the All Access Pass, SSL Complete, or Complete Access memberships, the following steps will be taken:

  1. 1st Payment Attempt: Initial attempt to process the payment.
  2. 2nd Payment Attempt: If the first attempt fails, a second attempt will be made 2 days later, accompanied by the first email notification.
  3. 3rd Payment Attempt: If the second attempt fails, a third attempt will be made 5 days later (7 days from the first attempt), accompanied by the second email notification.
  4. 4th Payment Attempt: If the third attempt fails, a fourth attempt will be made 10 days from the first payment attempt.
  5. 5th Payment Attempt: If the fourth attempt fails, a fifth attempt will be made 15 days from the first payment attempt.
  6. 6th Payment Attempt: If the fifth attempt fails, a sixth attempt will be made 20 days from the first payment attempt.
  7. 7th and Final Payment Attempt: If the sixth attempt fails, a seventh and final attempt will be made 25 days from the first payment attempt. This will be accompanied by the third email notification. If this final attempt fails, the subscription will be terminated.

Additional Information:

  • PayPal Users: If your payment method is via PayPal, depending on the payment failure code, another attempt may not be possible. If another payment attempt isn't made within 25 days of the first missed payment or the last payment attempt fails, your subscription licenses will be canceled.

Important: Subscriptions have a 25-day grace period before their licenses are terminated and access to the plugin licenses is lost. If your subscription is terminated, you can sign up for another All Access Pass, Complete Access, or SSL Complete with the same account here.

For more information or assistance, please contact our support team. 

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