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Unexpected license issues can be frustrating, but more than likely you can get up and running in a few  simple steps. If you run into any of the following problems there could be communication issue with iLok servers: 

- Enter Activation Code
- All Visible Licenses Expired
- Authorization was found, but the wrapper could not verify it

Before proceeding, check to make sure there are no service outages in your area: 

Next, make sure your iLOK License Manager app is up-to-date on your machine. You can download the latest installers from!home

From here, Cloud session users will need to close and re-open their iLok Cloud Session, and dongle owners will need to "synchronize" their iLok dongle. 

How To Close/Open An iLok Cloud Session

a) Open your iLok License Manager and sign into your account.
b) Click File in the menu bar, and select Close Your Cloud Session. This will temporarily deactivate your license.

NOTE: If this option isn't available, skip to the next step.

c) Then, click file in the menu bar, and select Open Your Cloud session.

Note: It’s possible your iLok Cloud session is already close or opened on another machine. If this is the case "Close Your Cloud Session" will be greyed out. This means instead of closing the session first, you may need to open it. You’ll be warned that the previously open cloud session will need tool be closed first. Only one Cloud Session can be opened at a time. 

How To Synchronize Your iLok Dongle

a) Right click on your iLok dongle, listed in the left column, and choose "Synchronize".

b) Wait for the operation to complete, and then launch your DAW.

If issues persist, please contact support so that we can take a look. 

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