Internal Conductor Error Code: 101

IMPORTANT NOTE : iLOK 1 dongles are not supported. FG-X must be activated to an iLOK 2 or iLOK 3 dongle in order to properly authorize FG-X 2

When upgrading from FG-X to FG-X 2, some users may encounter an Internal Conductor Error Code: 101

This is typically displayed after the plugin instantiation.


From our investigation, this message appears when trying to use FG-X 2 with a FG-X license activated before July 2013.
If you have a FG-X license that was activated in 2013 or earlier, you may need to do the following steps in order to authorize FG-X 2:

  1. Open the iLOK License Manager
  2. Locate your "FG-X Virtual Mastering Console" license within the iLOK License Manager app, right-click the license and select “deactivate” from the menu. This will remove FG-X from your iLOK dongle.
  3. Using the same right-click menu for your FG-X license, now select “activate” from the menu. This will activate your FG-X Virtual Mastering Console license back to your iLOK dongle.
  4. Lastly, locate your iLOK dongle icon on the left side of the iLOK License Manager app. Right-click and select “synchronize” from the menu.
  5. Open your DAW and start using FG-X 2!

    If issues persist, please make a support ticket here


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