MO-TT Preset Browser Update

MO-TT (along with Infinity EQ, MetaTune and FG-X 2) has been updated with added preset functionality in MO-TT version This preset browser update includes two new features: Favorite and Home presets


Favorite and Home presets allow you to have much quicker access to your Favorite presets, and instant access to your Home preset the moment you open MO-TT!

Favorite Presets

Presets marked as Favorite, can be viewed by clicking the Screen_Shot_2023-02-16_at_2.32.16_PM.png icon at the top:


Factory and User Presets can be marked as Favorite by clicking the FG-X_2_Edit.png icon next to the preset and marking that preset as a Favorite in the Save Preset dialogue with the Screen_Shot_2023-02-16_at_2.32.16_PM.png icon:


Home Presets

Factory Presets can be marked as the Home preset by clicking the FG-X_2_Edit.png icon next to the preset and marking that preset as the Home preset in the Save Preset dialogue with the Screen_Shot_2023-02-16_at_2.29.24_PM.png icon:


If a Home preset exists, you'll notice that the Screen_Shot_2023-02-16_at_2.29.24_PM.png icon is lit up in the Preset Browser. You'll be able to see which preset is the Home preset when the Screen_Shot_2023-02-16_at_2.29.24_PM.png icon before the preset in the browser:


Only one preset can be marked as Home. This is because the Home preset will be loaded by default the next time MO-TT is opened.

Also, when creating a new preset, the same Save Preset dialogue will appear, just like with existing presets, allowing you to mark that preset as a Favorite or the Home preset

If you have any questions, please contact support

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