What are the different modes in Infinity Bass?


Infinity Bass offers four different modes to help enhance your low end.

Infinity Bass Modes.jpg

1. Punchy (bass exciter)

Useful on baselines, kicks of full mixes that require more punch, thump or overall presence. Can be used on old mixes at the risk of boosting low end noise. The signal below the frequency control is EQed, compressed and saturated before being added back to the original signal. The character blends saturation into the enhanced signal so that the bass can stick out of the mix.

2. Warm (dual-band subharmonic synthesizer)

Octaver-like effect with lots of harmonics. Used mostly on bass DIs or synths to get subs and warm distortion. The signal within the frequency band is split into two individual bands and a sub is generated from each one. The character adds even more saturation to have more presence. Works best on monophonic material.

3. Deep (monophonic subharmonic synthesizer)

Clean sub generator with dynamics control. Meant to add missing low-end to kicks / basses. The signal within the frequency band is used to generate a monophonic sub. The character controls the sub's decay and dynamics to dial in the shape of the generated signal. Can be used on full mixes if the low mid section is not too crowded.

4. Phased (Bass-focused all pass filter)

Moves bass content around, makes it resonant and smeared, lowers peak amplitude of the signal while being potentially louder. Only the signal content below the frequency control is impacted by the filter. Meant as a sound design effect, but can be useful on weak bass transients to make them stand out.

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