VSC - Impulse Response Folders

By default, Impulse Responses library is installed in the following directory:

  • Mac: HD/Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Slate Digital/VerbSuite Classics
  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\SlateDigital\VerbSuite Classics\Impulse Responses\Slate Digital\VerbSuite Classics

On Windows only, you can customize the impulse responses library folder during the VerbSuite Classics installation:

For both Mac and Windows, if you move the impulse responses library after the  plugin installation, you can add the new directory through the Configuration Menu:     

In this Menu, you can see the path to the default directory, add a new impulse responses folder or remove all user impulse responses folders.

Add impulse responses folder

“Add impulse responses folder” allows you to establish a connection between the  VerbSuite Classics plugin and the folder containing the impulse responses.      

Selecting this will open a file navigation window. From here, you can select a folder for the IRs you want to use.

Important: When adding a new Impulse Responses Folder, be sure to choose the IRs parent folder, which by default would be "Factory" or "Example Expansion Pack”.

If you choose a folder higher up in the hierarchy, e.g. "VerbSuite Classics", the plugin won't find the IRs libraries because it doesn't search the files in the sub-folders.

A "Missing Impulse Response" pop-up message will then appear, allowing you to Locate the missing IR and automatically reset the right IRs parent folder.

Clean Impulse responses folders

“Clean impulse responses folders” will remove all impulse response libraries, except the default library, from the VerbSuite Classics plugin. This will not remove the files from the hard drive; this option will just remove the connection between the plugin and the folder.

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