Repeater 1.1.2 - Release Notes

Hot Fix (1.1.2)

  • Repairs a bug for properly recalling plugin settings

Bugs Fixed

  • Logic: Using a stereo Aux fed by a mono track results in the left audio channel only
  • OS X El Capitan: GUI freezes when tweaking with controls
  • Reading an automation while in touch/latch mode starts writing the automation again
  • Writing note value automation also writes time automation
  • Pro Tools: Wrong automation values
  • Pro Tools: Flickering knobs when reading automation with linked parameters
  • Ableton Live: Automating any linked knob disables the automation

Known Issues

  • Stepped parameters are not stepped in the automation lines
  • AU: All parameters display values between 0 and 1
  • Sequoia: Scroll wheel doesn’t work
  • Slight audio click when engaging/disengaging the Ping Pong mode

Special Notes

  • No VST3 version
  • No value editors
  • No mono version
  • No Pro Tools shortcuts (automation and reset)
  • No dedicated mappings for the Avid Control Surfaces


Repeater is installed as AU, VST2, AAX plug-ins. A host application compatible with any of these formats is required to use Repeater.

Repeater is not available as standalone application thus can’t be accessed from Applications branch in Finder as regular program. 

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