MetaTune Latency FAQs

Is MetaTune Zero Latency?

No, MetaTune will induce a small amount of recording in "Low Latency" mode, and a significant amount of latency with "Note Stabilizer" enabled.

How much delay does MetaTune add?

This depends on MetaTune's Latency mode.

Low Latency ≈ 2.9ms


Note Stabilizer ≈ 283ms


Can I monitor while recording with MetaTune?

Yes! While MetaTune does add a small amount of latency in "Low Latency" mode, 2.9ms is a very small amount of latency, which shouldn't be detected with a reasonable buffer size.

Why does MetaTune add latency?

MetaTune features a highly efficient Low Latency tuning algorithm that is great for tracking and live monitoring. Note Stabilizer introduces a degree of latency. That’s why it is disabled when “Low Latency” is on. No other feature in MetaTune adds latency to your audio, so if you’re not using Note Stabilizer, we encourage you to set Low Latency to On, represented visually as purple.Screen_Shot_2021-11-17_at_12.11.27_PM.png


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