Activating your Slate Digital Access All Pass and SSL Complete subscriptions

1. Download the iLok License Manager app for Mac or Windows, and sign in with your iLok User ID 

2. Locate the Slate Digital All Access Pass and SSL Complete plugin licenses within the "available" tab. Ensure that the application window is expanded to display this section clearly. 

3. Right-click on each license and select "activate" from the menu. 

4. When prompted, select your preferred activation location. 

  1. a. Slate Digital All Access Pass licenses have one activation and can be activated on iLok Cloud or an iLok 2 & 3 dongle. 

  1. b. SSL Complete licenses have two activations, and can be activated to your local host computer, or an iLok 2 & 3 dongle.


5. Once your licenses are activated: 

  1. a. Download Slate Digital Connect to begin installing the Slate Digital All Access Pass. 
  1. b. Download the SSL Download Manager to begin installing SSL Complete. 

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