Connecting multiple VRS8s together on MacOS

Multiple VRS8 Setup Guide

If you're on macOS (with Thunderbolt 2 or 3), you're able to expand your I/O by connecting 2 or 3 VRS8s together.

Start by connecting one VRS8 to your computer via Thunderbolt, then either connect your other VRS8 directly, or daisy chain them by connecting your 2nd VRS8 to the parallel output on your first VRS8. The performance should be very similar by using either method.

Upon installation of the VRS8 Panel (even if you only have one VRS8), an aggregate device is created via the Audio Midi Setup called VRS8 Main I/O. The VRS8 Main I/O should be selected as your audio device in your DAW, as it allows access not only to the I/O of multiple VRS8s but to both inputs and outputs of one VRS8. If you only select VRS8 Input or VRS8 Output as your sole audio device, you'll only be able to access the inputs, or the outputs respectively. Note that the VRS8 Panel only needs to be installed once even if you have multiple units or, if you've just added a 2nd or 3rd unit, no additional software installation is required.

VRS8 Word Clock Setup

A step that's recommended, but not required, when using multiple VRS8s, is to sync them via a Word Clock connection.

2 VRS8s

To sync 2 VRS8s via Word Clock, you'll need 1 BNC cable connected from the Word Clock output of your 1st unit, to the Word Clock input of your 2nd unit.


In the VRS8 Panel, make sure to set your 1st VRS8 (Device 1) to your desired sample rate under the "Internal" section on top, and the 2nd VRS8 (Device 2) should be set to your desired sample rate under the "Word" section on bottom

3 VRS8s

In order to sync 3 VRS8s via Word Clock, an external Word Clock needs to be added to the equation, as in the first example we are simply achieving synchronization with 2 units from the Word Clock In/Out ports on the VRS8. As the VRS8 doesn't have multiple Word Clock Outputs, an external Word Clock would need to be used.

On the VRS8's you'd connect all word clock cables to the Word Clock "In" ports, and then into the outputs of your external Word Clock ports. In the VRS8, all 3 devices will need be set to the desired sample rate under the "Word" section at the bottom



4+ VRS8s

While there has been some success attempting to using 4 VRS8s simultaneously, this configuration is not supported. If you're successfully able to connect 4 VRS8s and wish to sync them VRS8, you'll use the same method as you would with 3 VRS8s, using an external Word Clock for synchronization. Using 5 or more VRS8s has not be done and is also not supported.


Note: While it's recommended to use Word Clock synchronization with multiple units, it's not required. While there may be some added latency without synchronization, the difference is negligible, and in most cases will not be noticed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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