Grouping and Selecting EQ Bands in Infinity EQ

In Infinity EQ, up to all 24 bands can be linked together in an EQ Group, or modified together by temporarily selecting multiple bands.

  • To select multiple bands, either click and drag over the bands you wish to select, or click on each band holding by ⌘ Command, or Control on PC.
  • All gain and frequency values will be adjusted simultaneously when they're selected.
  • When selecting multiple bands that cut and boost, the gain will move proportionally to 0. To move the selected bands with absolute gain modification hold down ⇧ Shift while the bands are selected.

In addition to adjusting multiple selected bands, EQ Groups can be created from selected bands as well. This is different from selecting multiple bands, as EQ Groups will link all bands even if another band or parameter (apart from the selected bands) is selected.

  • To make an EQ Group, simply select the bands you'd like to group, and click the Group icon on the floating menu.
  • The Grouped bands will stay grouped even if another ungrouped band or parameter is changed. 
  • If you wish to ungroup bands from an EQ Group, select a band within the EQ Group and click the Ungroup icon in the floating menu.
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