VRS8 Thunderbolt 3 FAQs

My computer has USB-C, Will that still work?

No. it must be Thunderbolt™ compatible.

Can I link multiple units together on PC with Thunderbolt™?

At this time no, Windows does not support the Aggregate Audio Device setup that is used for linking the units.

Does VRS8 support Hot Plugging on Windows?

Yes, but some motherboards will not support hot plugging for the VRS8 and you will need to make sure your VRS8 is ON before you start your computer.

When hotplugging the VRS8 (or any audio interface), make sure your monitors are turned off and your headphones are disconnected upon both Power On/Off. This may cause loud and possibly damaging signal to be passed through your monitoring devices.

I installed the software but my VRS8 still wont connect.

1. Make sure Thunderbolt™ is ENABLED in your BIOS settings, you will need to refer to your motherboard’s manual to learn how to do this, as it is different across different motherboards.

2. Make sure the VRS8 is ON before your computer, not all motherboards will support hot plugging for VRS8 with Thunderbolt™.

3. Check that your cables are Thunderbolt™ supported, most issues with units connecting or staying connected are cable related, either through unsupported cables or bad cables. Display port cables will not work with the unit.

4. On some Thunderbolt™ equipped computers, Thunderbolt Device Manager may prompt you to confirm that you want to allow the Thunderbolt™ device to connect. You may get a popup similar to the one below:


Accept these devices by clicking “OK” or “YES” on each one, there may be multiple. If given the option, select “ALWAYS CONNECT” to ensure you do not need to repeat this each time you connect your VRS8.

If you do not get a popup and your VRS8 does not connect, you can manually allow it through Intel’s Thunderbolt Software or Thunderbolt Control Center.

To do this on older systems, first connect your VRS8, then right click on the Thunderbolt™ Icon in the System Tray, and select Approve Attached Devices, then select Always Connect, then select OK.

On newer systems, Connect your VRS8, then open the Thunderbolt Control Center from the Windows Search. Go to MENU, then select Approve Thunderbolt™ Devices, then select Always Connect from the device’s drop-down menu, then select OK.

5. You may need to Turn off the Power Management setting allowing your computer to shut down the device.
You can access this in Device Manager, by right clicking the Thunderbolt™ Controller, then navigating to Properties, and then unchecking all boxes under Power Management:


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