VMR - Release Notes


  • FG-36A
    • Updated algorithm so there is less effect when Intensity is at 1
    • Added the possibility to click on the LEDs to bypass the module
    • Changed the Intensity Default value to 1
    • Enabled iLok Cloud compatibility
  • Classic 87
    • Removed "tube" from the description (it'a a FET mic)

Known issues

  • Removing your iLok license and putting it back during usage of the Classic 87 module will disable the audio processing of this module for a while. We are investigating this issue.
  • Sometimes our UI don't appear when running on Logicon Mac M1 (black screen). Closing and reopening the UI fixes the issue.
  • We disabled the parameter name updates on Logic M1 Native (for instance when adding a module in VMR), to prevent crashes. We are waiting for a fix from Apple.




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