VMR - Release Notes


  • Add the new FG-Dynamics module
  • Windows, 2x support : VMR now scales according to the Windows scaling parameter. For all scaling values above 150%, VMR scales with a factor 2. Please note this feature is not supported on Pro Tools
  • Fix an issue with editors not allowing small values between 0.00 and 0.1
  • Fix a freeze on macOS, when attempting to undo after deleting a Dream Strip preset
  • Fix a freeze on ProTools with Rosetta 
  • macOS Sierra (10.12) and lower is no longer supported on VMR and above

Known Issues


  • Occasional GUI glitches when moving Modules
  • Clicking on a Module while any popup menu is open causes random behavior

Specific Modules

  • U73b: Slight volume drop when switching from red Release (2,5/6/10) to black release (0,3/0,6/1,2)
  • VCC and Pro Tools only: Default Preset randomly loads Parameters at 0
  • VCC: Laggy Knobs when using mouse wheels on grouped Knobs
  • VCC: US A Console may cut the audio signal when several VCC are Grouped

Specific Mac

  • Tooltips work only with the focused Module

Specific DAWs

  • Adobe Audition
    • Removing VMR VST3 during playback leads to a crash
    • VMR VST2 doesn't pass scan
  • Pro Tools and Reaper AU only: Parameter names appear as A-1, A-2, etc.
  • Rack doesn't expand in Ozone Standalone
  • Pro Tools/Cubase/Nuendo/Sonar/Reaper: Parameter names are not updated in the automation lines
  • Triumph only: Offline rendering doesn't work
  • Logic Pro only: LED and VU Meters not returning to Zero when you stop the playback
  • Logic Pro only: VCC and FG-116 GUI delay glitch with I/O linked
  • Sonar and VST2 only: VMR Default Preset is loaded with all Parameters to 0
  • VMR may corrupt Premiere Pro sessions


Shared Framework Issues

  • Live and AU only: Temporary white space when resizing plugin
  • Adobe Audition and VST3 only: GUI disorder when resizing plugin
  • Mac and Live VST2 32-bit only: Resize moves the GUI
  • OS X 10.8.5 and Logic Pro only: AU Validation fails
  • OS X Dual-Screen: Possible crash when switching from Mirror to Split Screen Mode
  • Various issues in Harrison Mixbus
  • Studio One and Intel HD 2000 only: Empty OpenGL area and crash
  • Pop-up Menus doesn't close occasionally when clicking on the trigger button
  • Mac and Wavelab VST2 32-bit only: GUI Disorder
  • Mac only: Save/Save As still displayed when GUI is hidden behind another application
  • Windows and Reaper VST3 only: Full-speed Offline Renders don't read correctly the automation
  • Pro Tools 12: Committing or Freezing a track brings a Tail with Noisy Plugins
  • Windows and VST3 DAWs only: Automation dialog may disappear quickly with specific key combinations
  • WaveLab: Fade-out at boundary (rendering option) doesn't work in the Audio File Workspace
  • OS X 10.11: Sluggish video when GUI is open (particularly in Pro Tools)
  • Triumph only: Process is missing when rendering
  • Wavelab and Audio File Workspace only: Silence added at the end of files (1s) when rendering
  • Windows only: RHS Alt key not recognized
  • Triumph only: Crash when closing sessions
  • Triumph only: Plugins are not recalled when reloading a session
  • Sony Vegas Pro only: Settings/Parameters are not recalled
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