Slate Digital vs Steven Slate Audio

What is the difference between Slate Digital and Steven Slate Audio?


Slate Digital is owned by Audiotonix. Slate Digital products include the All Access Pass, ML-1 Large Diaphragm Microphone, ML-2 Small Diaphragm Microphone, as well as legacy/discontinued products such as the ML-1 Vintage Edition, the VMS One Ultra Linear Microphone Preamp and VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface.

Slate Digital is not associated in anyway with Steven Slate Audio, Steven Slate Drums or Slate Media Technology. Both brands have separate ownership, offices, staff, products, help desks and knowledge-bases.


Trigger, SSD5.5 (and SSD4), VSX Headphones, and the Raven MTi and MTZ are developed and manufactured by Steven Slate Audio, Slate Media Technology and Steven Slate Drums.

Steven Slate Audio (VSX)
Steven Slate Drums (Trigger/SSD5.5/Pearl Mimic Pro)
Slate Media Technology (Raven/Batch Commander/Slate Control)

If you need to submit a request for regarding a Steven Slate Audio product, please send them a request here.

STEVEN SLATE, STEVEN SLATE AUDIO, and SLATE VSX are exclusive and wholly-owned trademarks of Yellow Matter Entertainment LLC. Use of and product identification via these marks is in no way associated with, related to, or sponsored by, AudioTonix, Slate Digital LLC, Eiosis or Eiosis, LLC.


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