Slate Digital & Eiosis Plugins - Known Issues

Entire Product Line

  • Windows, Studio One:
    • Visual glitch when moving an instance from a monitor to another with different scaling value
    • Plugin view is misplaced into the Studio One window on certain conditions.

AirEQ Premium

  • Sluggish on Windows 11

Virtual Mix Rack


  • Tooltips work only with the focused Module. Value editors don’t appear when hovering a knob if you haven’t clicked on the module first.

Specific modules

  • U73b: slight volume drop when switching from red Release (2,5/6/10) to black release (0,3/0,6/1,2)
  • VCC and Pro Tools only: Default Preset randomly loads Parameters at 0
  • VCC: Laggy Knobs when using mouse wheels on grouped Knobs
  • VCC: US A Console may cut the audio signal when several VCC are Grouped

Specific DAWs

  • Adobe Audition
    • Removing VMR VST3 during playback leads to a crash
    • VMR VST2 doesn't pass scan
  • Pro Tools AAX and Reaper AU only: Parameter names appear as A-1, A-2, etc.
  • Rack doesn't expand in Ozone Standalone
  • Pro Tools/Cubase/Nuendo/Sonar/Reaper: Parameter names are not updated in the automation lines
  • Triumph only: Offline rendering doesn't work
  • Logic Pro only: LED and VU Meters not returning to Zero when you stop the playback
  • Logic Pro only: VCC and FG-116 GUI delay glitch with I/O linked
  • Sonar and VST2 only: VMR Default Preset is loaded with all Parameters to 0
  • VMR may corrupt Premiere Pro sessions


  • Mac and Studio One only: Key arrows in Preset Browser do not work
  • Mac only and INFINITY EQ only: Full Screen mode takes over OS keyboard commands
  • Continuous resize can be glitchy
  • Mac only: Meters disappear when resizing the plugin
  • Windows and Live only: "Delete" Band does not work after a UI reopening
  • Mac and Live / Reaper only: Cannot start playback with the INFINITY EQ in Full Screen

FG-X 2

  • Reset on transport does not work on Logic


  • Logic Pro, dual mono: Plugin latency is not compensated for as it should be under certain circumstances, for instance after just loading a session with instances in Note Stabilizer mode
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