Application Usage

How do I login to the application? Can I use my Slate Digital account?

To login to, you must use your current Slate Digital account, user and password. You can also log in to your account using Google Sign In.

How does the auto master work? Is it performed by a 3rd-party company?

The automastering is an algorithm that runs as a process on Slate Digital’s own platform. The algorithm is a property of Slate Digital, developed by Slate Digital DSP engineers. The DSP team will be administering and analysing the results of feedback submitted on the auto mastering app to continually improve the algorithm.

Why should I rate my masters and give feedback?

This will help us to know how our algorithm performed, and will identify elements we can improve in the future. This is directly analyzed by Slate Digital’s DSP Engineers

Can I use Virtu if I do not have an All Access Pass?

No. For the moment, this service is exclusive to the All Access Pass membership.

How do I distribute my masters to the main Streaming platforms?

Download your mastered tracks from the Virtu website. They will be downloaded as industry-standard WAV files. Each platform has its own tools / portals for uploading tracks, and you can upload your Virtu masters in the same exact fashion as any other track.

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