Studio One "Missing Devices" on Windows

Studio One on Windows supports VST2 and VST3 plugin formats. These formats are not interchangeable, which means we can experience issues with session recall if plugin updates are not managed properly. Examples of "Missing Devices" are shown below: ⬇️


The "Missing Devices" window above shows which plugins are missing from our session. It's possible that we can still add new instances of these plugins on a track if a different format is installed on our machine. In the example shown above, our session is using the VST2 format, and we do not have this version of the plugin installed to our machine. This results in "missing devices" and is indicated on tracks in our session with red letters, as shown below: ⬇️


In order to address these issues, we recommend the following actions: 

1) Update iLOK License Manager app. The latest version can always be found at!home

2) Update to the latest plugin versions using Slate Digital Connect

3) Check Slate Digital Connect preferences to ensure you're installing the format that is being used in your session. NOTE: All formats are installed by default. 



"My preferences" is found in the bottom left corner of Slate Digital Connect


‼️IMPORTANT NOTE‼️: Your DAW should remain closed while Slate Digital Connect is in use.

In case there is an unforeseen issue with Slate Digital Connect on your machine, a support agent may recommend that updates are downloaded individually from our installers page found here: 

Once again, your DAW should remain fully closed during plugin installation. 

To confirm the plugin has been installed properly to your machine, navigate to the following plugin paths in a "Finder" window: ⬇️


  • C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\Slate Digital


  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Slate Digital

NOTE: Third party plugins will be located outside of the Slate Digital plugins folder. 

Studio One can now be opened. Check the "Effects" panel to see which formats you have installed to your machine: 


The plugin format is specified as a category, with VST3 being shown below ⬇️


Studio One Force Rescan

If issues persist in our session, we will force Studio One to rescan all plugins. To do this, see directions below: ⬇️


1. Open Studio One. Go to "Help" drop down menu and select "Open Settings Folder"
2. Quit Studio One.
3. Rename or delete the "x64" folders found in the File Explorer window.


4. Open Studio One and wait for all plugins to scan in. This could take several minutes. 

For additional questions, please contact support

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