Using the Frequency Finder and Band Solo

The Frequency Finder is one of many the workflow-enhancing features available in AirEQ Premium and AirEQ Standard.

For some engineers, it is common practice to dramatically boost a band with a tight Q, while sweeping the Frequency knob. This is akin to holding a magnifying glass to the frequency content of your track. You can easily hear problematic resonances or desirable characteristics of the sound. 

While this technique is easily performed with your hands on a hardware equalizer or software controller, it can be quite cumbersome to perform with a mouse...
AirEQ accomplishes this technique by allowing the user to simply press and hold a modifier key while sweeping the Frequency knob.
To enable the Frequency Finder, Shift+Click and Drag on a Frequency knob. AirEQ automatically boosts the gain of the band, with a tight Q, for as long as the modifier key is depressed. When you release the Shift key, the Gain and Q parameters return to their original value.

You can specific the amount of Gain that the Frequency Finder applies by Right+Clicking on the Frequency Finder / Band Solo Toggle  button inthe Toolbar.

You can also specify whether the Frequency Finder uses a maximum Q value or the original Q value of the band.  

Toggling Between Frequency Finder & Band Solo Modes
You can switch between the Frequency Finder & Band Solo modes by clicking the toggle button in the Toolbar.

EQ With Care
Before reaching for that Gain knob, take time to think about what you'd like to change about the sound. It is very easy to find resonances when using this technique, so be sure that your final EQ is helping and not hurting the track in the context of your mix.

Experiment with using different Q values, bypass the processing often, and above all, use your ears!

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