Global vs. Local Settings

Global Settings are shared between all instances. They are not stored with the session or the presets, but are stored in a separate file that is shared with all instances of the plugin on the users system.

The following settings are global:

  • Display Band Names
  • Display Values
  • Settings Auto-On

Local Settings are specific to a single instance of AirEQ. Local Settings are stored in Plugin Presets, A/B Snapshot Slots, and the DAW's Session File.

When creating a new instance of AirEQ, Local Settings are set to the default value that is currently stored in a separate file. Then, they may be edited for each instance. Their last known value will be stored with the session, or with the preset.

The following settings are local:

  • Frequency Finder & Band Solo Max Gain
  • Frequency Finder & Band Solo Q
  • Settings A4 Frequency
  • Settings Display Frequencies as Notes
  • Settings Display Q as Octaves
  • Settings Display Contextual Help
  • Settings Snap Q - On / Off
  • Settings Snap Gain - On / Off
  • Analyzer Source (In / Out)
  • Analyzer Source Mode (xEQ)
  • Analyzer Average (Off / 10s / Infinite)
  • Analyzer Vertical Offset
  • Analyzer Realtime (Off / Slow / Fast)
  • Analyzer EQ Curve (On / Off)
  • Analyzer Bands (On / Off)
  • Analyzer dB Range (Vertical Zoom)
  • Meters Display (On / Off)
  • Meters Input Meter Mode (Level or RMS Difference)
  • Meters Scale (dBFS / K-12 / K-14 / K-20)
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