Using Character Curves "Per-Band"

In some situations, you may want to adjust the character curve of a particular band independently of the global Character parameter.

To enable Per-Band Character, Right+Click on the Band's On / Off Switch and select Use Per-Band Character. You can also enable Per-Band Character simply by Shift+Click and Dragging the Band's Q knob.

When Per-Band Character is enabled on a band, a small triangle will appear on the outside of the Q knob, denoting the Character Curve of that band.

Shift+Click and Dragging the Q knob counterclockwise applies the Water Curve, while clockwise applies the Fire Curve.

You can Option+Shift+Click the Q knob to reset the Per-Band Character to the Neutral Curve.

While adjusting Per-Band Character, the Character Curve and the percentage applied will be displayed below the Q knob.

NOTE: Continuously Variable Character control is only available in the Premium version of AirEQ. When adjusting Per-Band Character on AirEQ Standard, available settings are 100% Water, 0% Neutral, and 100% Fire.

To disable Per-Band Character, Right+Click the Band's On / Off switch and select “Use Global Character.”

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