Setting Up Your Virtual Microphone System

1. Connect your ML-1 to the input of the VMS ONE with a XLR cable.

2. Connect the output of the VMS ONE to a LINE LEVEL INPUT of your interface using a TRS or XLR cable. 

If your interface has built in mic preamps or instrument inputs, be sure to read it’s manual to ensure you are using the interface input as a line level input and NOT as a mic preamp or instrument level input!

If the output of the VMS ONE is plugged into your interface’s mic preamp or instrument level input instead of a line level input, your signal will be going through two preamp stages which will distort and color the sound in an undesirable way.

If your interface has combo XLR / TRS jacks, there may be a switch or software menu for selecting input types. When in doubt, consult the manual for your interface and if you still have questions: Contact Our Support.

3. The ML-1 microphone requires phantom power (+48v) to operate. Apply phantom power from the VMS ONE by switching the +48v switch from OFF to ON


When applying phantom power, be sure to always mute your monitors and headphones to prevent damage to your hearing or equipment!

4. Make sure the VMS-ONE INPUT switch is set to MIC.

5. Insert the Virtual Mix Rack plugin on the record track in your DAW, and add the Classic Tubes module and the Virtual Preamp Collection module.

6. Select a Virtual microphone and Virtual preamp and start singing!

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