Studio One I/O Settings

Setting the Playback Engine

Navigate to the “Studio One” drop down menu and select “Preferences”.


Under “Audio Setup”, select VRS8 Output as the Playback Device and VRS8 Input as the Recording Device.

Studio_One_Device_Setup__1_.pngConfiguring I/O

Navigate to the “Song” drop down menu and select “Song Setup”

You will need to ensure that there are 8 Inputs for the “Input” section. You can remove any stereo inputs by clicking “remove” and clicking “Add (Mono)” to add more inputs.


Once complete, select “Outputs”  and ensure that there are 4 sets of stereo outputs. If you need to add any outputs, you can select “Add (Stereo)”.


These configurations are all song specific, so you will need to select “Make Default” to ensure this is universal.

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