Reaper I/O Settings

Setting the Audio Device Settings

• Navigate to the "Actions" menu and select "Audio Device Settings


• Select "VRS8 Main I/O" as your Audio Device.


Configuring I/O

• Navigate to your track and select the desired input


• Unless you're routing cue sends, all outputs should be routed to Output 1-2 by default. 


• If you need to use alternative outputs, select the "Routing" section of your track and select the    desired output
     -In this example we chose to route this track Output 5-6 for a separate artist's mix
     -Uncheck the "Master Send" box to keep the signal from going to Output 1-2 (unless you want        them routed to both Output 5-6 AND Output 1-2
     -Set the "Parent Channels" to 5-6 with "Track Channels" set to 2


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