Windows : Plugin UI too small, too big or blurred

When using Windows on high resolution monitors (4k and above), you may encounter some graphic issues with our plugins, however we're in the process of making improvements.

Depending on the DAW and plugin, scaling parameters may have different consequences depending on how the plugin UI is rendered.


Windows Scaling Settings

On Windows, you may select the size of your software for each monitor using the scaling settings under Settings>System>Display>Scale and Layout. The default value of the scaling parameter depends on the monitor resolution. For instance, for a 4k monitor (3840×2160 being the most common), the scaling parameter is set at 150% by default.

Please ensure the scaling parameter and the resolution of your monitor is set to a reasonable value. If your plugin appears too big, please lower the scaling parameter, or increase your monitor resolution. Alternatively, if the plugin interface appears too small, try to increase the scaling parameter, or to lower the resolution of your monitor.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools handles plugin scaling itself, and will appear blurred if Windows scaling settings are above 100%.
If you encounter any other issue, please see the section Additional Issues below.


Ableton Live

Ensure "Auto-Scale Plug-In Window" has been unchecked. This option can be found right clicking on the plugin name in the Ableton Live plugin list. After applying this change, you will need to reopen your session.


If you encounter scaling issues, enable this option again and please let us know.



Ensure the "Multimonitor aware V2" mode is enabled in PreferencesGeneralAdvanced UI/System tweaks. You will need to restart REAPER to apply this parameters.


If you encounter scaling issues with this mode enabled, please let us know.


Studio One

Ensure "HiDPI mode" is unchecked in the settings menu of the plugin window.


If you encounter scaling issues with this mode enabled, please let us know.



Ensure HiDPI is enabled in EditPreferencesGeneral. Click Apply, then restart Cubase in order for this to take effect.Cubase_HiDPI.png

If you encounter scaling issues with this mode enabled, please let us know.


FL Studio

At writing time, on FL Studio, the only way to benefit from the plugin HiDPI mode is to run it in bridged mode (details here)
Note we do not officially support bridged mode and that you may encounter issues using this option.


Known issues

  • Older products (VTM, VBC, VSC, AirEQ, E2Deesser, VMR) partially supports scaling. For all Windows scaling parameters below 150%, it will scale at 100%, above it will scale at 200%.

Additional issues

If you still have issues with UI being too big or to small after trying these solutions, you can use the following steps as a workaround:

  • Close your DAW
  • Locate your DAW in Windows Explorer (usually found in Program Files)
  • Right Click your DAW and select Properties
  • In the Compatibility tab, open the Change high DPI settings menu
  • Ensure the option Override high DPI scaling behavior is checked
  • Select System or System (enhanced) in the associated dropdown menu
  • Click OK, then click Apply on the Compatibility tab


If you're still unable to solve HiDPI UI issues with the solutions provided above, please contact support




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