Virtual Buss Compressors

Q: Where can I purchase VBC? 

Virtual Buss Compressors can be purchased here:
It is also apart of the All Access Pass (as low as $14.99 a month!)

Q: What compressors come with VBC?


This compressor is based on the classic RED-faced compressor. The attack and auto-release work in an interesting way and are very musical, but the real magic we found was in the output section! We found that just pushing the makeup gain a few db did some insane things to the sound! A little push and things got a ton more punchy, fat, and aggressive


The FG-GREY starts off with a very precise model of the classic British “4000 series console compressor”. We did a small mod to the circuit in our virtual model which I think you’ll really enjoy. We took the classic British discrete transformer and added some of its characteristics to the signal path. This does something amazing to the clarity of the midrange and bottom end, where the hardware unit tends to start sucking out too much bottom as you start to compress more.


FG-MU is an amazing-sounding compressor in its own right. If you scan through the presets, you’ll get a great idea of what its capable of. Smooth rich compression, fat warm compression, and even slightly aggressive compression. Overall, this is a processor that has tons of analog mojo and vibe for days. A sure hit on your ITB mixes!

Q: Where can I learn more about VBC? Is there a user manual? 

Please view VBC User Guide

Installation & Setup

Q: I have VBC installed on my system, but I do not see it in my DAW? 

If the plugin license has successfully been activated to your iLok dongle and installed are your system, you likely need to rescan the plugins within your DAW. Please view the following articles:

32bit users will need to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins
64bit users will need to add C:\Program Files\Vstplugins 


Q: How do I uninstall VBC from my system?

Please view the following:

How To Uninstall VBC on Mac OSX

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