Blackbird Studio FAQ

Q: Where can I purchase the Blackbird Studio VMS microphone expansion?
A: Blackbird Studio can be purchased here:

Q: Is Blackbird Studio included in the All Access Pass? 
A: Since Blackbird Studio requires the Virtual Microphone System hardware components, we cannot include microphone expansions in the All Access Pass. 

Q: I don't own a VMS, can I purchase Blackbird Studio?
A: No. Blackbird Studio requires that you own a VMS system and a "Virtual Microphone System" iLok license. Please view a list of authorized dealers here:

Q: Is Blackbird Studio compatible with the ML-1 and ML-2?
A: No. Blackbird Studio is only compatible with the ML-1.

Q: Which microphone models are included in Blackbird Studio? 
B-47, B-251, B-67, B-12, B-49

Q: I'm a VMS owner. Is there a trial license for Blackbird Studio?
A: Yes, a 15 day trial license can be found here. This license requires that you own a VMS ML-1 license before you can use the Blackbird Studio trial. 

Q: Will the VMS mic emulations work on already recorded material (not necessarily recorded with the VMS, but for example with other very neutral sounding microphones)?
A: Yes, but we recommend to only use the microphone emulations with our hardware components to ensure the accuracy of the emulation.

Q: Where can I find more information about each of the microphones? 
A: You can view all the microphones on the website here:

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