Metering and Idle Modes

Input Meter

The input meter displays the peak level at the input of the plugin. The level is measured in dB Full Scale, ranging from -60dBFS to 0dBFS.

Idle Modes

In order to optimize the CPU usage, the e2deesser processing may be in an idle state, depending of the Input Level and the Idle Threshold.

Three modes are available:

  • Idle Auto: the Idle Threshold level is automatically calculated from the input source level. The processing is deactivated when the input level is below the Idle Threshold. This is the default mode.
  • Idle Off: Processing is always activated.
  • Idle Manual: Processing is deactivated when the input level is under the Idle Threshold value set by the user.

To switch between the different Idle Modes, simply click on the label.

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