Revival is the product of years of research into what makes things sound ‘better.’ The Slate Digital Team analyzed what it was about classic analog gear that could turn tracks into audio masterpieces, and broke the process down into two knobs. That may sound a bit crazy, but wait till you hear Revival.

Revival borrows aspects of tubes, tape, transformers, and world class analog filters to create two processes. Shimmer adds depth, clarity, space, width, and air like you’ve never heard. Thickness adds warmth, punch, body, and fatness. Revival can be used on individual tracks, such as to create air on a pop vocal or add fatness to drums, but is also amazing in mastering to bring out details in full mixes.

VU Meter

The VU-Meter displays the level of the signal that is going out of the unit. The meter is calibrated to display 0VU when being fed by a 1kHz sine wave with a Peak level of -18dBFS.

Shimmer & Thickness

Shimmer adds to the high-end of the signal. It can be used to add air, brightness and clarity without harshness.

Thickness affects the low-end, it will fatten up just about anything! 


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