The Monster

The Monster is an extreme dynamic processor capable of explosive and dramatic compression effects based on the all buttons mode of the famous FET vintage compressor.


GR Meter
Displays the amount of the compression in dB.

Controls the speed at which compression occurs after the signal has exceeded the threshold value. Turn clockwise for a fast attack, and counterclockwise for a slow attack.

Controls the speed at which compression stops, once the signal has fallen below the threshold value. Turn clockwise for a fast release, and counterclockwise for a slow release.

Input / Output
Increasing your Input Gain will result in more compression. When Input + Output equals 0dB, then the unit has a unity gain, meaning that the output signal has the same level as the input signal.

Moving the Input or Output Knob while holding the Shift key will link the two controls, meaning that the unit will keep an internal unity gain whatever your adjustment, giving you a very useful way to adjust the compression without being biased by a level change.

Enables an additional attack for adding more impact to transients.

High Pass Filter
Adds a high pass filter to the compressors sidechain.

High Frequency Detection
Pushes a high frequency bell filter into the sidechain to mellow highs.

Controls the blend between the compressed and uncompressed signals, which is very useful to achieve parallel compression without any additional routing.

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